The Leipzig-based photographer »Nietze«, born in 1988 in Berlin, is an artist who engages with sociocritical and social issues. Her focus is always on the human being. Through her photographic work, she explores culture and considers it as an important contribution to the cityscape and our coexistence. In 2021, »Nietze« published her first book titled »Kein Halt mehr«. This book documents the standstill of Berlin during the pandemic and provides insights into the art and culture industry. The book is a testament to emptiness and stagnation in a city that is otherwise vibrant and pulsating. 
»Nietze's« images are characterized by their naturalness and roughness. They are lively, compelling, and honest, mostly in black and white. The photographer rejects conventions and advocates for a better society. »Nietze« is a talented artist who contributes to society through her work. Her images are not only aesthetically appealing but also an expression of a critical attitude towards the existing conditions. Through her photographs, she invites us to see the world with different eyes and to advocate for a fairer and more solidary society. With her eye for detail and her ability to capture the essence of a moment, »Nietze« creates a connection between the viewer and the depicted. 

1988             born in East Berlin and still sticking around
1995             first photo taken on a 35mm camera
2006             first camera of my own, an Olympus E-500
2007-2009    delving into the world of music, artist bookings & tour promotion
2010-2012    following the path of rationality: training as a State-certified assistant for product design
2011             first experiences with professional photography as an assistant with Michael Danner
2013             finally self-employed as a graphic designer
2019             on-off relationship comes to an end, now officially engaged with the camera; padawan of Ben de Biel
2021             released first photobook »Kein Halt mehr« 
2022             decide to leave Berlin, lives now in Leipzig

»KEIN HALT MEHR« (Mycroft Berlin GmbH) ISBN: 978-3-00-069724-1

(»Nietze« & Bert Silzner)
group as part of the »Easy Rider Road Show« at Berlin Global, Humboldt Forum, Berlin
( »Nietze«, Tod Seele, Julie Glassberg, Christophe Gateau, Adam Corbett, Jeoffrey Guillemard )​​​​
single »Zeig dich, Alter« at Bona Peiser, Berlin
group »TANZVERBOT« at Ritter Butzke, Berlin
( »Nietze«, Bert Silzner, Britta von Willert, HOYA & Künstler:innen Kollektiv »Planet Trash« )
group »Easy Rider Roadshow« at Märkisches Museum, Berlin
( »Nietze«, Tod Seele, Julie Glassberg, Christophe Gateau, Adam Corbett, Jeoffrey Guillemard )​​​​​​​
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